What is a Jamboree?

A Jamboree is the quintessence of the Scouting Movement concentrated into a single event. It is the place where Scouts from all around the country, region or world gather to celebrate the principles and values of Scouting, to meet and get to know and understand each other, to put into practice what they have learned as Scouts.

RoJAM 2.0 17

Because technology and the environment we live in are continuously evolving, we also have to constantly adapt to new conditions. That is why, in order to be prepared for new challenges, it is necessary to learn how to think critically, to think in perspective, to develop connections or how to implement self-directed education. Through this program, over 1000 children and youth with ages ranging from 11 to 24 years old, from all around the country, will be better prepared for the future at a personal, social and spiritual level. By involving themselves in their local communities, they will soon after implement realistic solutions for Romania’s sustainable development.


RoJAM 2.0 17 comprises 10 days of activities, which have as aim the development of life skills and abilities needed to better face the challenges set by nowadays society. Therefore, the program envisages a strong and complex pedagogical proposal, structured around a large number of educational objectives. The main activities are:

  • Non-Formal Education Fair
  • Sustainable development village
  • Promoting diversity
  • The future starts today
  • Hikes in Piatra Craiului, Postăvaru or Bucegi mountains
  • Discovering the city of Brașov
  • Self-knowledge workshops
  • Scouting techniques workshops
  • Best practices exchange between Local Groups
  • Faiths and beliefs area


National Organization of Romanian Scouts