Romania is the land of natural beauty, where every type of landscape can be found, from high mountain peaks to the world’s third most bio-diverse delta, the Danube Delta. Moreover, wilderness is at home in Romania, for in the many national and nature parks, in reservations and forests, lies a complex fauna and flora that will literally make you feel that you are visiting an immense botanical garden.
Furthermore, among the 13 national park and 14 nature parks, you will have the opportunity to visit Piatra Craiului during the journey we offer you at RoJAM 2.0 17. This particular mountain range is actually a true paradise for rock climbers, comprised of a 25 kilometre-long ridge whose peaks exceed 2000m. Because we know that Scouts are natural born hikers, we can assure you that you will love Piatra Craiului, because you may choose from simple mountain footpaths to trails that represent a challenge.
Nevertheless, you should know that Romanians are famous for their hospitality and can make any guest feel like home. The culture, the incredible food, the atmosphere will make you forever fall in love with this magical country.