At RoJAM 2.0 17, each earthling wears a pair of Rocket Boots which are used when one needs to fly somewhere in outer space. Each day, they will explore bits of space, where they will encounter intelligent beings living in those bizarre worlds and who know how to live in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the earthlings how to live again on their planet, now in reconstruction. Each Thursday, our Space Team sends a message from tens of thousands of light years away.

The Hammer of Vulcan is an inhabitable planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. On this planet, there is only one continent and it covers 15% of its total surface. The rest is covered by a planetary ocean with freshwater and bizarrely clear. On this continent, the volcanic activity is uncommonly strong, with thousands of small volcanoes all over the surface continuously burning.

The few inhabitants are humanoids. Over the centuries, they have learned how to handle the fire of the volcanoes and live in perfect harmony with nature. Their unique abilities in fire and metal control, along with the fact that their continent looks like a hammer from outer space, gave people the idea to call this planet “The Hammer of Vulcan” – a reference to the ancient God of Fire from Roman Mythology. The inhabitants are called “Hammerers” or “Vulcanians” and can be identified easily by their typical clothing style and by the fact that they are always carrying a hammer with them.

Intergalactic travelers have as objective to learn from the Vulcanians how to live in harmony using just the resources they truly need.

The intelligent beings that will guide you on this planet are coordinated by Alex But.