At RoJAM 2.0 17, each Earthling has a pair of Rocket Boots on, which he or she uses to fly somewhere in Cosmos. Each day they will explore different places where they will meet intelligent beings that inhabit those bizarre worlds and possess the knowledge of living in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the Earthlings how to live on their old planet, now in restoration. Each Thursday, the Space Crew will send messages from millions of light years away.

Because the intelligent beings from outer space are truly as wise as their name suggests, they have thought about the final moment of the journey the Earthen explorers have took on even before they started it. Therefore, after having acquired enough knowledge from each corner of the Galaxy, they will be sent back to their small blue planet to recolonize it.

Each group of explorers will have to care for a certain land with the sole purpose of bringing it back to life. As a result of the space journey, each Earthling will possess a sufficient amount of information to become a researcher in a field needed on Earth.

From developing technology to exploring the surroundings, from bargain to diplomacy, each group of researchers must make sure that their piece of land is prosperous and that it is growing in harmony with the neighboring territories. Thus, the newly created territories’ inhabitants will get closer and closer, with fast-Rocket Boot footstep, to their final purpose: to create the most developed civilization and a better world for all of us each day.