At RoJAM 2.0 17, each earthling wears a pair of Rocket Boots which are used when one needs to fly somewhere in outer space. Each day, they will explore bits of space, where they will encounter intelligent beings living in those bizarre worlds and who know how to live in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the earthlings how to live again on their planet, now in reconstruction. Each Thursday, our Space Team sends a message from tens of thousands of light years away.

Planet Kepler 11145123 is situated in an active globular nebula. A part of Space that lights up the Galaxy, an area where the light burs as intense as a hundred, no, thousands of newly born stars. It’s a true interstellar forge.

Perhaps you have heard of them, but the inhabitants of Planet Kepler 11145123 are the intergalactic equivalent of what we call on Earth “German Engineers”. Situated at a distance of exactly 5000 light years away from Earth (flawless Keplerian measurements, of course), their planet is also known as the roundest object in the Universe (in case their love for precision isn’t obvious enough).

Once they have landed, the Earthen Scouts will be taken aback by their tiny figures, in comparison with their gigantic heads and enormous eyes. British researchers explain that their eyes are a lengthy evolution process meant to help them measure everything with micrometrical precision. During their visit, Keplerians will try and transfer as much advanced technology knowledge as they can towards the Scouts. They will teach them how to create their own efficient and eco-friendly cities as the ones on Kepler 11145123, for, once returned, they can complete their mission of creating a better world.

The intelligent beings that will guide you on this planet are coordinated by Andrei Brumboiu.