At RoJAM 2.0 17, each earthling wears a pair of Rocket Boots which are used when one needs to fly somewhere in outer space. Each day, they will explore bits of space, where they will encounter intelligent beings living in those bizarre worlds and who know how to live in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the earthlings how to live again on their planet, now in reconstruction. Each Thursday, our Space Team sends a message from tens of thousands of light years away.

In less than seven dozen rotation cycles around the mother planet, Scouts meet the GDV constelation. Off all the known constellations of our Solar System, the population inhabiting this certain one impresses through its superior intellect and high problem solving skills in regards to issues that have never before been tackled by Earthlings. Maybe it’s because of their motto “Make Heaven out of what you’ve got!” that they are inspired to transform garbage (a term for an earthen object still unidentified in the GDV constellation) into useful objects, while in the same time supporting Sustainable Development.

GDV = Global Development Village

Once there, the Earthlings make the GDV motto their own. They are willing to share their knowledge database. In just 24 Earth hours, the Earthlings will acquire important notions concerning Sustenability, Global Warming, Selective Recycling and Environment Policy.

The intelligent beings that will guide you on this planet are coordinated by Daniela Borontiș.