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What is RoJAM 2.0 17?

What is RoJAM 2.0 17?

RoJAM 2.0 17 is the second Jamboree of the Romanian Scouts from the last 50 years. It is also the greatest event organized by the National Organization of Romanian Scouts (NORS), bringing together more than 1500 youth from all around the country, with ages ranging from 11 to 24 years old. RoJAM proposes an educational program, with focus on incorporating scientific discoveries and new technologies in the everyday life of young people, on identifying solutions for a sustainable development of our local communities and also on encouraging and promoting diversity with the Romanian society.

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The Future

Young people are our primary beneficiaries in matters of Scouting and, thus, one of our main objectives is their personal development, in view of becoming responsible, involved and self-taught individuals within their society. Nevertheless, technology is one of today’s key elements, used both in social development and in research and innovation. Moreover, the Scouting method constantly adapts to young people’s needs, with the aim of helping to create a better future for our communities through the beneficial use of technology in all kinds of activities. This way, today’s youth can have the chance of becoming tomorrow’s leaders.

Implicare Locală

Local Involvement

The past 26 years’ experience with Scouting in Romania proved that commitment, courage, determination and dedicated individuals can make change possible, no matter what obstacles stood in their way. More and more Scouts are contributing to the development of their communities. They are becoming involved in creating and maintaining youth, non-formal education, sport, culture and health infrastructures. The impact they have challenges and inspires us to continue to try and create a better world each day.



Scouts make an important contribution to educating other people in what concerns diversity: they teach them to appreciate it and to turn their negative feelings, behavior or opinions into positive ones regarding groups that are usually discriminated because of stereotypes and prejudice. We view Scouting in Romania as a positive movement, one that also unites its members, one that is open to anybody and everybody, proving that it is part of the Scouting Movement through its values and principles.

Dezvoltare Durabilă

Sustainable Development

Scouting changes lives. It helps children and young people reach their maximum potential, developing essential skills like team work, time management, leadership, initiative, planning, communicating, self-motivation and commitment. Scouting comes as a completion to a child’s education, increasing self-knowledge, the need to participate and explore, to discover and lend a helping hand. Furthermore, Scouting intensifies the feeling that you belong within your community and the degree of concern for the others and for yourself.

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