News sent from tens of thousands of light years away from the Interplanetary Fair Team to the Scouts.

Live long and prosper!

On the 10th day of August, each Earthling, having his pair of Rocket Boots, will fly from the small planet 1 CERES to the most coveted barter place in the Universe. Situated in a neutral and peaceful area for the colonists, this planet flourished as a commercial area, known to most as an Interplanetary Fair. Here, the refugees from Earth gather to exchange, buy or sell products from their planets, sometimes even antiquities from back home.


In order to participate at the Fair, each Colony (Scout Group) must prepare a presentation stand, an activity and a shirt, as such:

  1. Prepare your stand

Organize your stand as creatively as possible, focusing on presenting your Colony and the region you come from. Each Colony will receive a pavilion and a table. Should you have any special queries, please be so kind as to communicate them in due time and we shall do everything possible to find a solution.

  1. Prepare a T-shirt:

Personalize a T-shirt with your Colony’s name. The shirt will be your access ticket to the Fair. At the end of the day, it will become a present for another Colony.

  1. Prepare an activity:

Each Colony will prepare an activity for the members of another Colony coming to visit your stand:

  • It can be a workshop or game;
  • The activity must be about 20-30 min. long and designed for 20-25 participants at the same time;
  • It should be repetitive, with the same framework, starting at 15.00/ 16.00/ 17.00 and 18.00;
  • The activity must be linked to one of the four areas (also, you must book the area you want – first come, first served):

1. Scout Rainbow (Diversity)

2.Do it Yourself (Sustainable Development)

3.Tips&Tricks (Local Involvement)  

4.Camp Science (Future)

Some very important details:

  • During the Fair, you may offer handmade objects at your stand;
  • The Fair is open not only to Scouts, but to external visitors as well (local community, parents, press, etc.);
  • Each Colony must designate the responsibilities equally, so that at any given time there should be one or two members at the stand;
  • The 1 hour time shall be divided as follows: 20-30 minutes for the workshop and 30-40 minutes for exploring another Colony’s area;


The selection of your area can be done here, until  June 5th. The Interplanetary Fair Team will confirm your area reservation in 48 hours. You will then have time until June 15th to send us the description of your activity, as detailed as possible. For more informations email to lacramioara.ocunschi@scout.ro