At RoJAM 2.0 17, each earthling wears a pair of Rocket Boots which are used when one needs to fly somewhere in outer space. Each day, they will explore bits of space, where they will encounter intelligent beings living in those bizarre worlds and who know how to live in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the earthlings how to live again on their planet, now in reconstruction. Each Thursday, our Space Team sends a message from tens of thousands of light years away.

A nebula is an immense gathering of star dust and intergalactic gas, that gives birth to starts and planet systems as the matter concentrates in different areas.

The Mirror Nebula is such an area in space where the first starts and planets have already appeared. Exceptionally, because of the elements gathered there, the newly formed planets seem to be very rocky and all the surfaces are covered by a thin layer of glass, which transforms them into mirrors.

On the few habitable planets, an intelligent civilization called Mira has developed. The members of this civilization have grown an atypical muscle at eye level that helps them compensate for any distortion the mirrors surrounding them may create. Miranians end up living there whole lives watching a distorted version of reality, but they always understand the truth behind it.

Travelers need the knowledge Miranians posses in order to fully understand the fact that each perspective is distorted and to accept other people and the world around them. Together with Miranians, they will learn how to express their emotions, even when that seems like the most difficult thing and they will freely discuss how their own perspective upon the world could be seen as a reflection of their own inner universe.

The intelligent beings that will guide this planet are coordinated by Oana Mitruţ.