Home hospitality


What does this mean?

Legend has it that the best host of all times was a Scout. RoJAM 2.0 17 offers the unique opportunity to transform this legend into reality and be hosted by a group of Romanian Scouts, with the aim of Changing the Perspective together.

More exactly, Home Hospitality is a cultural exchange, an opportunity to learn about other individuals’ traditions and broaden your horizons. We know that Scouting is international, but the beauty of it derives precisely from the diversity of methods we are using in order to fulfil the same objective: to leave the world a bit better than we have found it.

Choosing this programme, you will be hosted by a group of Romanian Scouts, also participants at RoJAM 2.0 17, and live together from July 31st to August 3rd. On August 4th, we will be waiting for you in Cristian to tell us about your intercultural journey. During this adventure, you will act as both an Ambassador of your country, but also of Scouting.

How to prepare for this?

First of all, you gather information about your host’s country: their habits, how their food differs from yours, what climate do they have, etc. It is very important to be fully aware of those cultural differences from the start, so you can succeed in overcoming them together.

The next step is to do a bit of research on how their NSO is structured. Do they have the same age groups as the ones you are accustomed to in your own NSO? When do they become Explorers and when can they start being Rovers? What camp and activity rules do they have?

Finally, after you have learned about their organizational and cultural background, you are more than prepared to meet them! We encourage you to constantly communicate via e-mail to set the details for your activities and have at least one skype meeting. It is important to become familiar with each other, so you will not feel like complete strangers when you meet for the first time.

What to keep in mind?

It is necessary that all those that will participate be aware of the cultural differences and agree to speak a common language during the programme – for example, if you have agreed that English is the language that both you and the Romanian group can speak, then try to speak as much as possible.

Also, a well set activity plan, that has been agreed by both parts, will help you avoid unpleasant moments and contribute to creating a strong and lasting friendship.


General information:

During Home Hospitality, your host has the duty to offer the guest a place where he can sleep and wash and a place at the same table. You can choose to organize an International Evening, where you can cook and serve a dish from your country. This way, the cultural exchange – on a culinary level, at least – will be complete.

RoJAM 2.0 17 organizers have the responsibilty to take care of the transportation costs for the international group to their hosts and, then, to the Jamboree.

The fee is 30 EUR per participant.

Activity plan (example)

Ziua 1: City Quest/Treasure Hunt – seară de boardgames

Ziua 2: Ateliere de făcut gulguțe, dansuri românești și de limba română (cuvinte uzuale) – seară internațională

Ziua 3: Picnic în aer liber – schimb de jocuri/energizers utilizate în campuri


Home Hospitality:

  • A group of 17 Scouts from Taiwan (15 Explorers, accompanied by 2 leaders) wish to live the Romanian cultural experience along with the Scouts from Craiova. We can’t wait for them to land together in Cristian on August 4th!
  • A group of 21 Scouts from Lancaster, UK (18 Explorers and 3 leaders) will have a unique intercultural exchange with the Scouts from Oradea. On August 4th they will tell us their story in Cristian!