What does it mean?

Twinning is a programme that allows organizing an outing or a camp along with another group of Scouts that are not part of your Local Group. Thus, the meeting of the two groups will take place in a space they have both agreed on, somewhere outdoors. At the end, the two groups will become twins, their friendship lasting for a lifetime.\

The camp or outing may have any duration, as long as the number of days has been settled in mutual agreement. The same rule applies for the location, activities or food. The habits and traditions of organizing a camp differ from NSO to NSO, but by accepting the challenge of this programme, not only will you learn new methods of, say, building a fire/10 types of knots you have never heard of before/new ways to build a tower, but also discover how diverse and interesting Scouting actually is.


How to prepare for this?

Like in the case of Home Hospitality, we advise you to research on the background of the country you will be visiting and of the NSO your twin group is part of.

After acknowledging the differences and similarities between you, it’s time you start organizing the camp or outing together. Highly important is the term “together” because the decisions must be taken by both parts.


What to keep in mind?

It is necessary that all those that will participate be aware of the cultural differences and agree to speak a common language during the programme – for example, if you have agreed that English is the language that both you and the Romanian group can speak, then try to speak as much as possible.

If feasible, try to have the Twinning activity right before RoJAM 2.0 17 and land together in Cristian, on August 4th. This way, your friendship will strengthen and the experience will be complete.


We charge no fee for this programme, but we recommend that you split the activities cost in half with your Twin Group.


Activity plan (example)

Here you can draw inspiration from any camp you have participated in. Our advice is to leave room for some workshop sessions deliverd by you and by your Twing group, so that the learning experienced will be balanced and, most of all, mutual.




  • The Sea Scouts from Constanta are the first to intercept the signal sent by the RoJAM Space Station on behalf of 12 French Scouts from Ottmarsheim. They will become twin groups, creating together a camp at the sea side and, without doubt, moments of Scouting hard to match.
  • The Explorers from Hunedoara will twin with a group of 17 French Scouts from   Portes de Sundgau, living the magical experience anyone who has visited Cioclovina has felt. We’re waiting for them at Cristian to tell us all about their cultural and Scouting exchange!