At RoJAM 2.0 17, each earthling wears a pair of Rocket Boots which are used when one needs to fly somewhere in outer space. Each day, they will explore bits of space, where they will encounter intelligent beings living in those bizarre worlds and who know how to live in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the earthlings how to live again on their planet, now in reconstruction. Each Thursday, our Space Team sends a message from tens of thousands of light years away.

In the unknown of a faraway Galaxy, Scouts must prove that they can surpass their limits and adapt to the extra-terrestrial wild environment.

Therefore, they will have to go to TRACK, a planetary system that orbits erratically around a black hole. On the planets of this system gravity is continuously changing, reason why one can notice many sharp peaks that often change their size and shape.

TRACK= Risky Training Camp for Cosmic Travelers

Due to the high gravity variations, the inhabitants – called Trackerrs – are accustomed to rapidly adapting from a very early age. They are using different space equipment in order to travel over the extremely damaged surface of the planets. Trackerrs are mostly sober people and they fully understand that any wrong move on their planet might end tragically, so do not expect to hear too many jokes from them. Earthlings maintain a good relationship with them and, since ancient times, Trackerrs have taught us how to handle every situation and how to exceed our limits with confidence. They always gave us the certainty that, if we wish, we can travel through the whole Universe.

The intelligent beings that will guide you on this planet are coordinated by Dani Pop.