Launching RoJAM at Bucharest Quest

A bit of RoJAM 2.0 17 was present at Bucharest Quest!

Both the eXplorers and the staff of BQ2016 gathered excitedly in the hall that hosted the camp, without having a clue about the surprise that was awaiting. The lights went out and a little presentation of the International Department started rolling. At the end, the words “Change the perspective!” were uttered and immediately the Jamboree from Cristian came to life on the screen.

As the tents appeared and the mast got higher and higher, the BQ hall began to fill with shouts of excitement and joy. “Woooow! This is so cool!” and “We must be there!” could be heard from every corner when the RoJAM rocket lifted off for the first time.

Seeing the patrol that was heading towards what will be the campsite in 2017, we all felt the need to shout “Be prepared!”, because the enthusiasm and impatience to be part of the RoJAM experience were shared by all of the 200 Scouts that were present.

Much greater was their happiness when they found out that a spider with the big logo was set and, along with it, a large amount of stickers were waiting to be taken home!

At the end of the day, we left carrying the promise that they will be with us for RoJAM 2.0 17 and this determined us to work ten times harder. We’re waiting for you and keep checking our website, because there are more surprises to come!