The official launch of RoJAM 2.0 17

Saturday, 16th of April, the National Organization of the Romanian Scouts (NORS) has launched the greatest educational project of 2017 – RoJAM 2.0 17, our 6th National Jamboree. The event took place at the National Library, in the presence of the representatives of all of NORS’ local branches and of an international delegation consisting of João P. Armando Gonçalves, the Chairperson of the World Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM), Kevin Camillieri, member of the European Scout Committee of WOSM and Radu Stinghe, Regional Director of the European Regional Bureau of WOSM.

5 wonderful people told 5 different stories about the way they view Scouting and we felt that their words had to reach every one of you!

lansare-1“When people that are not Scouts ask what do they do, I answer that Scouting offers experiences that define the lives of individuals and helps them become better citizens. And this happens in every group here, in Romania, with every activity you develop. Therefore, the Jamboree that you are preparing will change the lives of the young people that will be part of it, turning into an experience they will never forget. The Romanian Scouts should be very, very proud of the progress they made during the last couple of years. In the past, such an event could have only remained a beautiful dream. Nevertheless, the whole country should be proud of the extraordinary work the Scouts have done, because I, in the name of the 40 millions Scouts that I represent worldwide, am proud of the Romanian Scouts.”

João P. Armando Gonçalves

Chairperson of the World Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM)

rojam 117“I am here as President of NORS, because in 1995 I have participated in my very first Jamboree and that changed my life. After 10 days, I came back home filled with such positive energy and inside me were so many powerful changes, that I still feel that impulse today. This is an encouragement for all the Scouts, Explorers, Rovers and Leaders that will participate in RoJAM, because this will change their perspective. “Changing the perspective” is the actual motto of our event, for this is exactly what Scouting is doing today in all the communities in which it is present, offering an alternative to formal education, received in schools.”

Sabin Mureșan

President of the National Organization of the Romanian Scouts

“Through their activities, both at international and, especially, at national and local level, Scouting is becoming a movement that is continuously growing stronger, turning into a relevant actor in contemporary society. This movement brings together children and youth, promoting volunteering and active citizenship. It encourages tolerance and patriotism, respect of human identity and nature’s integrity, but also it supports assuming of the responsibility of your own development. Scouting offers a propitious framework for adapting to the numerous changes happening in your life and community, changes that are determined by scientific, cultural and social progress. Moreover, it promotes the creation of a sustainable society through the identification of solutions that are easy to implement at the local level, but with a strong impact for our environment, such as: combating waste, responsible consuming, promoting local initiatives. Learning by doing influences your personal development, so that children and young people will grow up with goals, values, respect, the need to assume responsibility and contribute to their community.

As a representative of the local administration, I congratulate you for your involvement within your communities and I assure you that you will benefit from all our support in developing projects that promote the Scouting principles.”

Răzvan Sava

Mayor of Bucharest

“I strongly believe that each and every one of us is a magician. I feel that everyone is carrying a small box with them in every moment of their life. And it’s up to us to fill the box and our decision regarding what we will fill it with. But we must have the power to give our box to the ones sitting next to us, even though the negative emotions that we might let slip and fill the box get to them as well. However, if we are careful and fill the box only with positive emotions, the others will also receive them.

Furthermore, I feel that the sign the Scouts use as their greeting, the one where the stronger and bigger one protects the smaller one, is very important. Most of the time, if we Change the Perspective, the same thing happens, through the fact that smaller establishments (Local and Initiative Groups) are able to reach the big organization, and this is something great. And I also think that it is paramount to spread those things further to all the other organizations within our community.

Sometimes I feel that, had I been a Scout in my childhood, it would have helped me enormously, for it is an environment in which survival skills and abilities are created. I believe that we can’t survive if we won’t be together, walk together.”

Andrei Popescu

Secretary of State – Ministry of Youth and Sports

“I want to add two things:

Life is colorful when you care. As I succeeded in my lifetime to meet many Scouts, I understood that we begin to care more and more about the things that are happening around us and that we start wanting to do a lot of good. This way, we color beautiful moments together, moments that we share further.

Be the best version of yourself! Together we color a better future. Of course, we can do it individually, but we will be sad in the end, but if we do it together, the result will be exactly what we have wished for.”

Andrei Crăciun

Youth Problems Adviser – Ministry of National Education

“I remember my first activity alongside the Scouts, 5 years ago, at RoJAM. And I remember searching inside a dictionary for the meaning of the word “Jamboree”. Well, it means a gathering of approximately 1000 people, a gathering that is joyous, loud and full of life. During the last 5 years I noticed a serious involvement from your side, I noticed the support you give each other and I am truly pleased that, through you, Mercedes Benz became closer to people.”

Gabriel Crăciun

Marketing&PR – Mercedes Benz Romania