SatelitE N-FO

At RoJAM 2.0 17, each Earthling has a pair of Rocket Boots on, which he or she uses to fly somewhere in Cosmos. Each day they will explore different places where they will meet intelligent beings that inhabit those bizarre worlds and possess the knowledge of living in harmony with all that surrounds them. Those beings will teach the Earthlings how to live on their old planet, now in restoration. Each Thursday, the Space Crew will send messages from millions of light years away.

On the first mission, the explorers are invited on the N-FO Satellite. Actually an autonomous spaceship of large size, the N-FO Satellite travels the Galaxy continuously, only stopping shortly on each Solar System it finds on its way.

Here, the experimented inhabitants of other planets from the known Universe, intergalactic trainers, will come help our explorers Change the Perspective and teach them good practices, non-formal methods and techniques on how to survive in the intergalactic void. Once on board the Satellite, the Earthlings can choose from the approximately 40 interplanetary workshops, of which we should mention: developing new synapses in terms of creativity comprehend the Declaration of Intergalactic Human Rights come to understand the UN for the interplanetary youth learn how to settle a space clash acquire knowledge on managing teamwork on board.

Also, they will learn how to manage the grand diversity of species that can be found within the Solar System, how to be more involved in the Universe and during their planetary community activities, how to use the Rocket Boots and other gadgets in a practical and useful way and, finally, how to have a notable contribution on sustainable development in regards to their host planets.

The intelligent beings that will guide you on this planet are coordinated by Oana Preda and Sînziana Opincaru.