A special series: the experiences of scouts that have been to various jamborees, both in our country and abroad.  Memories from Săliște? Adventures through Japan, France or Poland? We’ve gathered them all! Next stop: RoJAM 2.0 17!

Simone de Sousa is a true scout. She comes from Portugal and lately she has been of great help to the Romanian Scouts through her work with the Nocrich Scout Centre. She’s one of the most optimistic and lively people you will meet and she feels quite at home in Romania.

We’ve asked her about her scouting experiences, that are indeed quite vast. She’s already been to three jamborees, the first of which when she was only 14.  „My first one was the world Jamboree of 2007. Despite the fact that it has already been 9 years since then, I still have lots of memories of it. The entire event hosted 40000 people and it was very well organised. I was quite impressed! The transport system took us from one place to another, the sheer scale of the camp, the various activities, games and songs, they all came together to make for a wonderful atmosphere”. „After working for years so that i could take part in this Jamboree, it was all worth it!”

”As a family”

For Simone, the most important memories she keeps from her first Jamboree aren’t about activities but about people. „I think, all things considered, my most treasured memory is that of being able to meet with people from loads of countries such as: South Africa, Mexico, England, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, etc…All those people were there for the same reason and shared the same dream.”

Yet there is one moment that she keeps close to her heart from that jamboree: „We all renewed our scout promise. It was so wonderful! We all said it together as a family, all scouts, each in their own language…and I was all anxious when I said the words again.”

From the Azores to the Madeiras

After 2007 she went on to participate in two more jamborees. „Both were in Portugal. One was in the Azores (2009) and one was in the Madeira Islands (2010). Thinking back to both of them I think that the atmosphere is the coolest thing about a jamboree. That’s why you go there. Other than that, you get to do so many different things it’s really difficult to pick a favourite. ”

Simone admits honestly „For me everything is fun! One of my favourite moments is when we make the camp fire. We gather around the fire and sing, enthusiasm builds up and everything is so lively yet at the end we have these moments of silence so that everyone can relax and catch their breath. Those are the best times in a Jamboree! These are moments when all sorts of people meet, exchange memories, songs, games, and so on. It’s all so dynamic!”

„Romania, a unique, magical place”

Simone also told us a bit about her contact with the Romanian Scouts. „They are very warm, kind and welcoming. They’re also very eager to learn new things, which is wonderful. I am happy that I was able to meet so many wonderful people and make life-long friendships. And it all happened in this unique and magical place. Thank you for your spirit, your culture, your experiences and your beautiful smiles!”