A special series: the experiences of scouts that have been to various jamborees, both in our country and abroad.  Memories from Săliște? Adventures through Japan, France or Poland? We’ve gathered them all! Next stop: RoJAM 2.0 17!

Ioana Han is one of those wonderful people with a keen eye for preserving moments in beautiful photos.  She’s part of the „Axente Sever” Scout Group in Alba Iulia, but she’s currently studying Theatre and Television in Cluj Napoca.  As a scout she assists leaders in working with cubs, as well as doing her Rover progress.

Last summer she was one of the Romanian participants at Roverway 2016, an experience that she calls „one of the top three most beautiful of my life”.  Now you really want to find out why, righ?

Accommodations in the woods

„For 7 days, out contingent was split into 3 routes: the Bordeaux Route, the Paris Route and the European Route. After that we all met in Jambville (alias Funville) along with another 4500 scouts”.

The woods near Paris proved to be top notch accommodation. „We thought we’d be staying in Paris, but after we saw this beautiful patch of woods where the camping site was, we were ok with it. The opening though, did take place in Paris, where we were welcomed by President Francois Hollande himself, who bade us welcome and encouraged us to create a better world”.

„To be on the other side”

During the event, the rovers took part in various projects. The scouts on Ioana’s route worked on the theme of „solidarity”. Together, they rehabilitated a refugee centre in Paris.

„This was a chance for us to come in contact with them and find out what it’s like to be on the other side. This centre was exclusively for men and they were all waiting there for the necessary papers to start a new life. Together with them we built benches, chairs and tables, we played some games and we even managed to talk with them. They were very open in answering our questions and honestly thanked us at the end for all we did.”

A concept and a space beyond words

The following part of this story is a bit tricky to relate, because Jambville, the end point of their trip, seems to have left Ioana speechless.

„There were 5000 scouts and the area was huge! We were divided into districts and then into sub-camps. There was a big stage which held events almost every evening and during the day there were workshops to everybody’s taste and wishes.  Of course, since the event is only for rovers, the topics were found accordingly: topics about society, politics, international issues, gender issues and many others”.

So, what will your Jamboree experience be like?