In the land of RoJAM there are a myriad of things happening on a regular basis. Consider this series as our way of keeping you up to date with the local scene so you won’t feel this as an alien world.

These days there’s still a flutter in the air reminiscent of hearts, roses and poetry.  The famous Valentine’s Day came and finally left. And just in time too, because today we’re welcoming a local figure called „Dragobete”. With an ancestry dating back all the way to the Dacian people, he is considered to have been a local deity similar to Cupid/Eros. No wonder this is considered the day birds find their mate.  Ah, but this celebration isn’t all for the birds! It’s for all the love birds  out there as well. There are traditions galore surounding this day, such as colecting the last snow to use in love and healing rituals, picking early flowers, chasing or being chased by your admirers in order to give or receive a kiss (guess this last one is the tradition that still mostly survives, albeit in different forms).

All in all, what happens today is that we get to celebrate love one more time. Cue second round of roses, hearts, poems and chocolates, this time of Romanian making. A little extra love never bothered anyone, right?

And since we’re on the topic, you might want to remember the first part of this holiday’s name. „Drag” in romanian happens to mean „dear”.