In the land of RoJAM there are a myriad of things happening on a regular basis. Consider this series as our way of keeping you up to date with the local scene so you won’t feel this as an alien world.

Now winter is off on its merry way and it’s finally the month of March! Not sure what the weather is like where you’re at but in most parts of Romania we’re currently basking in a warm, sunny day.  This is excellent, especially for all those who picked today as their lucky day. You see, here we have this crazy tradition where the first 9 days of March will help predict how the rest of your year will be. All you have to do is pick one then wait and see. Sunny day=good year, cloudy=`meh` year, changing weather = shows a year with ups and downs, you get the idea.

And that’s not all for today! This day marks a holiday that is very dear to us Romanians. We call it „Mărțișor”.  The word is gibberish even for us, but it’s thought to derive from the name of the current month „Martie”. These days, the name is used both for the holiday and for the little trinkets that we give as presents on this day. The objects can be anything, as long as they are small enough to be worn- something like a brooch.  Traditionally, the object would be a four-leaf clover, a chimney sweep or a horse shoe, but these days just about anything will do as long as it has a red and white string tied to it. White shows the snow that is melting away and red is for the rebirth of life. We are indeed a poetic nation.

Skip a few weeks ahead and if you still have that red and white string by the time fruit trees start blooming, you can tie yours to the branch of the first flowering tree you see and make a wish on it.

Overall, this is our way of celebrating spring and hoping for a wonderful year to come. Feel free to join in on our hype and pick a day to predict your year.

Primăvară frumoasă!